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SOS Technical School, Togo

Togo Project

Nearly 300 students receive education and training in computer science, welding, carpentry and several other vocations at the SOS technical school in Kara, Togo. Togo is a small country in western Africa and is in desperate need of the new school due to the the country's literacy rate of less than 50%, and extreme poverty. In 2009 The Greener Diamond partnered with SOS children's Villages to help fund young men learn the skill of carpentry.

An SOS graduate named Bakollo knows the importance of training and education. When he was five years old, Bakollo was found abandoned and eating dog food in order to survive. After years of being raised in a loving SOS home, he studied at an SOS technical school and is now a successful carpenter.

"I owe all my success to SOS Children's Villages," said Bakollo. "The school will help other children succeed as I did."

The school is part of continuing efforts by SOS to help improve children's lives in Togo, and initial funding was provided by an anonymous donor. There are three SOS Children's Villages in Togo, and more than 400 students currently attend the kindergarten and primary schools at the Kara Village. Another 13,000 people receive medical services and day care at the SOS Social Center in Kara

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