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About MiaDonna

MiaDonna & Co. donates countless hours of their team’s time to develop The Greener Diamond’s projects and to make sure they are a success. This allows The Greener Diamond to have zero administration costs. Each time someone purchases a MiaDonna & Co. product, a percentage of the sale goes straight into programs that help restore the lives and land in sub-Saharan Africa.

MiaDonna & Co. funds The Greener Diamond by providing diamond consumers an environmentally friendly, man-made alternative to earth-mined diamonds, gems, and precious metals.

The objective is to relieve some of the pressures that the diamond and gold industries put on the earth and humanity while creating sustainable a funding source for The Greener Diamond.

"We start at 5% because we believe that 5% can change the world. Whether it is donating 5% of your time to volunteer to a noble cause, or 5% of your salary, it can really make a difference." - Anna-Mieke Anderson

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Working Together to Create Sustainable Change

The process is simple. MiaDonna funds The Greener Diamond by selling environmentally friendly, scientifically advanced alternatives to earth mined diamonds, gems and precious metals. These funds are then used by The Greener Diamond to fund special projects in affected regions to help repair the damaged lives and land impacted by the unethical diamond industry.

The Greener Diamond also raises awareness of the damage and conflict earth mined diamonds have on communities and the environment, so diamond consumers can make an informed choice.

MiaDonna + The Greener Diamond = Sustainable Change

YOUR CHOICE to be involved with The Greener Diamond by becoming informed, telling others and choosing diamond alternatives will help us institute change. YOUR EFFORTS will go a long way in supporting global charities like Doctors Without Borders, Youth Action International, and SOS Children's Villages in restoring the lives and land of those living within conflict diamond communities.

The Name MiaDonna

Anna-Mieke Anderson, founder and CEO of MiaDonna and The Greener Diamond named the company after her daughter Mia and mother Donna. This is truly a passion project.

Anna-Mieke Anderson and her daughter Mia
Anna-Mieke Anderson and her daughter Mia-Donna

Compare our Diamonds

There are many alternatives to purchasing a conflict diamond or earth-mined diamond, that are eco-friendly and beautiful. Most people don’t know that we can now make diamonds in a modern-day lab environment that are more beautiful and affordable than earth mined diamonds—without the conflict that is associated with mining them from the earth.

Below is a quick and easy chart that compares earth-mined diamonds to some of the best diamond alternatives available on the market today.

Properties Earth Mined Diamond Diamond Hybrid® Man-Made Diamond
% of Diamond Bonds 100% Solid 85% infused within outer layer 100% solid
MOHS Hardness Scale 10 Outer layer 9.6 10
Cut Varies on cost Ideal / Hearts & Arrows Varies on cost
Color D-F (colorless) to S-Z (yellow) D-F (colorless) Anywhere from D-F (colorless) to S-Z (yellow)
Clarity Variable - Nearly always a birth mark Internally flawless to VS2 VVS to SI
Carat Cost Aprpox. $12,000.00 $358.00 From $1,500.00
Notes Not available at MiaDonna due to the negative social and environmental impact The world famous Diamond Hybrid® is the most beautiful and scientifically advanced, diamond infused simulant ever created. Man-Made Diamonds are real diamond. They are optically, physically and chemically identical to a natural diamond. They are grown in a modern-day lab environment that simulates the earths natural growing process. Also knows as Lab-Created Diamonds, Lab-Grown Diamonds, Synthetic Diamonds, and Cultured Diamonds.
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"I want to alleviate any consumer doubts about man-made diamonds, which is mostly set forth by the earth-mined diamond industry. Consumers need to know all their options before purchasing a diamond, because the truth is man-made diamonds are superior, and this is simply the evolution of the diamond. They are more pure than most retail earth-mined diamonds, less expensive and they are free of any negative social, environmental or humanitarian concerns. When they are purchased through MiaDonna we rebuild diamond-mining communities. Our business model is a solution to the issue of conflict-diamonds and other outdated traditions that are not relevant in today's society." - Anna-Mieke Anderson