The Elwou Orphanage Agricultural Project

The Elwou Orphanage Agricultural Project

The Greener Diamond Foundation is enthusiastic about working with the Elwou Orphanage, located on the outskirts of Central Monrovia. The orphanage currently hosts 80 children and six primary caregivers. Sadly, this orphanage has been relying on aid given to them or begging to survive. With the assistance of our Liberia team, Youth Action International (YAI), the goal of this project will be helping this orphanage grow food and raise livestock for self-consumption as well as sell the surplus harvest to meet their other needs.

Our Goals:

  • Ensure that the Elwou Orphanage becomes self-sustainable
  • Provide a dependable supply of food for the orphanage
  • Provide the opportunity to sell surplus harvest to meet other needs the orphans may have (education, clothes, health care)
  • Provide necessary 'farm management' training for children and caregivers

The Plan:

An example of the types of produce and livestock:


Rice, Cassava, Assorted Liberian Vegetables (potato greens, peppers, bitterballs, okra, etc.), Assorted Liberian Fruits (pumpkin, watermelon, etc.)


The Greener Diamond understands that raising livestock is important because they produce food; provide key inputs to crop agriculture and can be used as an income generator. The plan includes several different kinds of livestock including Goats, Chickens, Pigs and Ducks