Conflict Diamond Education

We are the Solution

While we cannot eradicate the greed of the diamond monopoly or the appetite of power hungry rebels, as consumers we can remove ourselves from contributing to the problem and become part of the solution. Change will only come through action motivated by a sincere understanding of the impact of our decisions.

We encourage you to investigate for yourself and make informed decisions. Here are some resources we recommend. (We strongly urge that you consider the source of any information you uncover).

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

National Geographic – “Diamonds of War: Africa’s Blood Diamond”

Hosted by investigative reporter Dominic Cunningham-Reid, this National Geographic TV special follows the international trade of illegal diamonds along a danger-filled route from Sierra Leone to Antwerp. Much of the footage is disturbingly authentic, culled via hidden cameras and surveillance photos. It is clear throughout that Cunningham-Reid and his crews are in grave danger as they article the tie-in between diamond smuggling and the financing of terrorists.

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The History Channel – “Blood Diamonds–The True Story”

The documentary explores the factors that led to the violence, tells the vivid details of the suffering, and speaks with the organizations that eventually exposed the link between diamonds and several brutal African conflicts. “Blood Diamonds” also looks at the steps eventually taken by advocacy organizations and the diamond industry to combat the problem.

The film looks to some of the world’s foremost experts for the facts of the history of the diamond trade, and goes to the heart of the matter, interviewing both the victims and perpetrators of diamond-fueled atrocities in countries like Sierra Leone. One such victim is Usman Conteh. Captured by rebels in Sierra Leones Kono district, Usman was forced to mine diamonds for rebels, which the rebels then sold or traded for arms. After months in captivity, Usman escaped only to find rebels had murdered his family.

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"Zimbabwe's Blood Diamonds" - Parts I, II & III

Von Planta Productions – “Blood on the Stone”

This documentary is a Sorious Samura investigation into the certification process of today’s diamond trade. This 52 minute documentary is published as a bonus feature on Warner Brother’s DVD of Blood Diamond where Leonardo DiCaprio is starring as a ruthless diamond dealer during Sierra Leone’s civil war in the 1990s.

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Continuing Education

Here are some recommended places to search for videos and news reels. Please read the information that goes with the footage. Please be aware, some videos can be extremely graphic.

Film and video news libraries:
You Tube
AP Archive

Recommended key search words:
Congo diamond mine
Zimbabwe diamonds
Diamond miners
Sierra Leone diamond mine
Liberia diamond mining
West Coast Africa
Liberia civil war
African civil war
Conflict diamonds
Blood diamonds
African Children
Kimmie Weeks
SOS Children Villages
Doctors without Boarders Africa
Unicef Africa
The Diamond Empire

Additional factual information:
Global Witness
Amnesty USA
World Bank