You know about conflict-free diamonds, but have you thought about conflict-free minerals? We love the question this article poses “Does Conflict Free Matter?” – We think everyone can agree that IT DOES! When it comes to purchasing jewelry it is easy to avoid conflict materials by purchasing from an ethical

This conflict minerals article is the perfect reminder that ‘Your Choices will Change the World’! We have come to a time in history where digging for diamonds is an old tradition. We have evolved and we now know better. Would you purchase fur, ivory, or shark fins? The answer for

We LOVE messages like this – especially when celebrities are involved, because the message spreads further. Julia Roberts is Mother Nature. The Greener Diamond encourages you to take a couple minutes to watch this moving video created by Conservation International and share it with your friends and family. You won’t regret

  The Greener Diamond is passionate about consumer education of conflict minerals and resources. Every time you spend or invest a dollar, it goes to work in the world. Too often, it goes to support institutions and corporations that perpetuate injustice, pollute the environment and destroy communities. We are excited to


“We are aware that the more we improve infrastructure and energy issues, the more we get more investors coming in. So we’re sure that it’s no longer a problem, we are moving already towards addressing these challenges,” says DRC Minerals Regular, Maurice Miema. The Kimberly Process arose out of the


  Conflict Minerals Provision of Dodd-Frank Survives Legal Challenge Article By Rob Bates, A federal judge tossed out a legal challenge to the Dodd-Frank Act provision on conflict minerals on July 23, saying financial regulators acted appropriately after Congress passed the law. In October, the National Association of Manufacturers, U.S.