The Greener Diamond is not surprised that the Kimberley Process has failed again. Only two weeks after Amnesty International released their findings about conflict-diamonds in the CAR, there are new reports about conflict diamonds in Brazil being KP certified. “Environmental degradation and corrupt practices of illegal miners and traders threaten

This is a great article by Amnesty International that will make you think – once again – about where diamonds come from. Despite an export ban in place since May 2013 in the Central African Republic’s (CAR) diamonds are still being purchased without adequate investigating into whether they financed armed groups,

The Greener Diamond is thrilled to hear that Western Guinea has gone a step further when it comes to the monitoring the conditions of their diamond mines in order to prevent ‘blood diamond’ conditions. While it is noted that “the method doesn’t come without limitations” – the idea of using drones (or

After discussing how we feel about the topic on the diamond industry, The Greener Diamond agrees that this article by Rob Bate’s is worth a read. He has several good points current issues, consumer confidence, the KP. “When you sell diamonds, you don’t always know who is at the other end

This conflict minerals article is the perfect reminder that ‘Your Choices will Change the World’! We have come to a time in history where digging for diamonds is an old tradition. We have evolved and we now know better. Would you purchase fur, ivory, or shark fins? The answer for

We LOVE messages like this – especially when celebrities are involved, because the message spreads further. Julia Roberts is Mother Nature. The Greener Diamond encourages you to take a couple minutes to watch this moving video created by Conservation International and share it with your friends and family. You won’t regret