Ask Your Jeweler

Ask Your Jeweler

If You Must

If you must purchase an earth mined diamond we encourage you to be an educated consumer. Please see The Greener Diamond’s definition of a conflict diamond. You will see that there is no such as a conflict-free diamond. However, if marking has made you believe you need an earth mined diamond, below are some helpful guidelines to follow.


Have you thought about purchasing a second-hand (recycled) diamond? We agree, at one time a recycled diamond was a “conflict-diamond.” However, purchasing a recycled diamond is preventing new natural resources from being extracted and you will also save a lot of money.

Have you thought about purchasing a man-made diamond? It is the 21st century and we can now create diamonds in a modern-day lab environment that are more beautiful and affordable than earth-mined diamonds and there is no conflict associated with getting them out to the earth. Please take a look at for more information on man-made diamonds.


If you choose to buy an earth-mined diamond, and you have full intentions of making a educated purchase, here are some guidelines as well as questions to ask your jeweler:

  • How can I be sure that none of your jewelry contains conflict diamonds?
  • Do you know where the diamonds you sell come from?
  • Can I see a copy of your company’s policy on conflict diamonds?
  • Can you show me a written guarantee from your diamond suppliers stating that your diamonds are conflict-free?

Kimberley Process

PLEASE don’t settle for the “Kimberly Process” answer – it does not certify that your diamond is conflict free! Click here to learn more about the Kimberley Process and how it doesn’t work.


  • Buy a diamond that hasn’t crossed national borders during processing. As a diamond travels from the mine, to be cut, then polished it often crosses national borders where illicit diamonds can make their way into the supply chain. Mined, cut, and polished all within the same borders is much easier to verify.
  • Buy a diamond with a laser-engraved serial number. This ensures the diamond is tracked through every step of the supply chain and offers a verifiable record of being conflict free. A truly conscious vendor will have a complete system in place that would include auditing throughout the supply chain.
  • Buy a diamond processed under ethical labor conditions. Does the country of origin have fair labor practices? This would include fair wages, safe working conditions and support of the local economy.
  • Buy a diamond certified by its regional government.
  • Buy a diamond that was mined under well-regulated environmental practices.
  • Remember to purchase a setting that is made from recycled precious metals. Gold has as much conflict as diamonds.
Kimberly Process

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